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The Face Behind the Name

Welcome to Granite State K9 Training! 


My name is Chantal & I am a Basic Obedience canine trainer located in Southern New Hampshire. In 2021, after five years of social work and discovering my love for working with dogs while training my own pup, I decided to trade in my child psychology degree to pursue my passion of working with dogs. 


In 2022 I became a certified dog trainer through Animal Behavioral College while shadowing well-known trainers in the New Hampshire area in order to really hone in my style of K9 coaching.  


After months of soaking in as much information as possible, I created a unique training model practicing LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Adverse- AKA Positive Reinforcement) to help establish a strong, healthy and loving bond between handlers and their K9, while achieving your training goals. 


My hope is to help dog parents achieve training goals in a safe, effective and meaningful way to ensure your hard work and dedication to your dog is successful and lifelong in various settings. 

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