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 A Unique Training Model

Granite State K9 Training practices Positive Reinforcement Training. This means physical corrections and/or punishment (ie. prong collars/e-collars) are not used or encouraged during training unless all other least intrusive, minimally aversive techniques have been used. Physical corrections can lead to aggression, reactivity and an untrusting relationship between you and your dog.


At GSK9T we practice routine based training, paired with positive interactions, such as treats, toys, attention and natural forms of reinforcement will help you establish a strong, loving and mutually respectful relationship between you and your K9 while achieving your training goals. 

At GSK9T I teach YOU and your K9!

Trainers are only involved in a very small portion of your K9s life. During our training sessions, my goal is to provide YOU with the knowledge and tools you need to maintain your K9s training throughout their lifetime! 


GSK9T offers training in the comfort of your home and in the community.

Your training plan and goals will determine training locations. Training in a variety of settings helps build your dog’s confidence and will motivate your dog to perform desired behaviors in different locations with various surroundings. 


GSK9T is one-on-one, so you and your dog have my undivided attention during our sessions! Additionally, you have phone access to me, free of charge 24/7 (text/call) for any questions you may have!


Group Socialization Sessions you are a priority! I keep our Socialization Groups limited to 3-5 K9s per session to ensure safety and attentiveness. 

What to expect when enrolling in our FULL Package Program

After a free phone consultation, a training schedule will be created for you & your K9. 

  • Four Week Full Program:  Mondays & Wednesdays or Tuesdays & Thursdays 

  • Eight Week Full Program: Set day & time of your choice 

At your first In-Home Session, a personalized Training Plan will be created for you & your K9 to reference between sessions. 

Each Session runs between 45-60 minutes. 

After completing the eighth session of the Full Program, you have access to FIVE 45m-60m Follow Up Sessions (scheduled at a location of your choice) to use at any time within ONE YEAR of service.

Depending on training goals & training progress, clients and K9s may attend Group Socialization Sessions as requested.

 * Training times and locations are flexible to meet your scheduling needs *


What to expect when enrolling in our Socialization Program

After a free phone consultation, a training schedule will be created for you & your K9.

We will have ONE in-home session to review your training plan, discuss homework assignments, learn your K9s body language, and learn different engagement methods to prepare for community sessions.

We will then have two ONE-ON-ONE community sessions where we will practice engagement, focus and calm community observations.

Next, we will have two GROUP Community sessions, where we will practice focus, leash manners & recall with other K9s present!


Important Reminder

Training does not end after completing training programs. Training is a continued practice and should be sustained on a daily basis. It is imperative to remain consistent in your training after our training program is complete. Consistency is key.

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